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About Us

We are a Canadian company and an official distributor of the Your Baby Can Read (YBCR) line of products.   Our team has produced and distributed educational products used around the world since 2002.

We found out about Your Baby Can Read a few years ago, as new parents ourselves.   After reading lots of reviews, testimonials, and other information (mostly positive, some negative) we decided overall it was worth trying with our son.   Hundreds of home videos on YouTube, showing happy young kids reading, were too cute and impressive to ignore.   

We showed the videos, word cards, and books to our son in English, French, and Spanish.   They ended up being his favorite "toys".  He communicated with us early on in each language, with a nice accent too, making all the extended family happy.  He now loves to read books together and likes to read words on signs whenever we go for walks.  It's the best "toy" investment we've ever made.

We gave these products as gifts to our friends for baby showers or their kids' first birthdays, and they all loved the results (even the ones who were skeptical at first!).  Our friends who tried it include businesspeople, doctors, researchers, IT people, teachers, and stay-at-home parents.  Their children are all communicating well and show a positive interest in reading.  

We were introduced to the creator of the YBCR products by the co-founder of Wikipedia, Dr. Larry Sanger, who has also done projects helping young children to read, including writing  "How and Why I Taught My Toddler to Read".  We were very impressed with the sincerity of the creator, Dr. Robert Titzer, who answered many detailed questions for us by email before he even knew us.  

We indicated to Dr. Titzer our interest in supporting other parents having access to these products, and in 2012 began distributing the line of products.  Stay tuned for new collaborations in the works.